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GEI 2900 Ricoh Wide Format Printer

GEI 2900 Ricoh Wide Format Printer

GEI 2900 Ricoh Wide Format Printer    GEI 2900 Ricoh Wide Format Printer

The GEI 2900 System is a compact, "all-in-one"- copy, print and scan - wide format digital imaging system designed specifically for lower-volume users. It sets a new standard for small footprint, affordability, superior image quality and flexibility in a wide format system. Architects, engineers, commercial and corporate workgroups, and government agencies that don't need large, high volume systems can now achieve unsurpassed productivity and flexibility with the GEI 2900. It can fit the budget, the space and the performance needs of virtually any size architectural or engineering group. THE GEI 2900 WIDE FORMAT DIGITAL SYSTEM DOES IT ALL.

Offers substantial advantages for wide format users in a variety of office environments, large or small. An excellent replacement for an aging analog copier. Less costly to maintain, the GEI 2900 offers more of the performance features most valued by wide format users. Many times faster, more versatile and more economical than an ink jet plotter, and it adds the value of having both copying and scanning functions.

Cleaner and more versatile than the diazo process. More economical and much more convenient alternative to outsourcing document reproduction to copy and print shops. The GEI 2900 and its GEI 2900 Controller makes this an excellent workgroup printing system that can either replace or augment centrally located mid- to high-volume systems. The GEI 2900 operating panel is easy to read and operate.

The panel's LED screen easily guides users through the control of even the most complex commands. THE GEI 2900 DELIVERS TOP DIGITAL PERFORMANCE THAT CAN REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE AS A COPIER. The GEI 2900 is easy to use and outperforms many larger wide format copier/printers.

The GEI 2900 delivers truly superior images. Its 600 dpi resolution produces sharp lines, details and fills. With its 256-grayscale levels, it keeps shading faithful. The GEI 2900 also enables users to fine-tune copies. By selecting the nature of the original - Text/Photo, Photo, Drawing, or Special -the GEI 2900 automatically adjusts image quality for each specific original type.

The GEI 2900 can be configured in several different ways. The basic GEI 2900 configuration is an optional table that allows manual feeding of cut sheet paper. Or, it can be configured with an optional 500 foot paper roll tray table or a tworoll tray table, either of which can have an optional paper cassette tray added for automatic feeding of cut sheets up to 12" x 18". Changing paper rolls is simple and easy.

The roll-changing system features lightweight flange inserts for no-hassle roll changes. The GEI 2900 features two output trays. A space-saving upper output tray holds up to 25 sheets vertically at the top of the unit.

An additional 20-sheet paper stacker tray drops copies out the back, down to the front and bottom of the unit. Printing directly from a CAD workstation to the GEI 2900 with the GEI 2900 Controller is fast and document production couldn't be easier. From the CAD workstation, more than two dozen tasks can be requested and managed, including multiple and collated sets, media selection, magnification, image rotation, border setting, account tracking, sample print and stamp printing. No more printing a single set on the pen plotter and then physically carrying the printed output to the copier to make multiple copies. The GEI 2900 with the GEI 2900 Controller Scan option maintains drawings and plans in space-saving digital file format on hard drives, so users can burn to a CD or store in virtually any network archiving system.

Newly produced documents no longer need to be stored in space consuming filing drawers and cabinets. Aging legacy documents can be scanned and saved as digital files, reducing the need for filing space and retaining deteriorating paper documents. With electronic storage, retrieval time for existing documents is shortened. Documents can be pulled up, examined on the GEI 2900 controller screen, edited, shared on a network or printed out.

It's even possible to edit images, extracting and adding new elements as desired. IMPORTANT DIGITAL ADVANTAGES WIDE FORMAT USERS DEMAND.

The outstanding digital capabilities of the GEI 2900 system enable users to benefit from many different types of timesaving, high-productivity features. A complete list is provided in the specifications; a representative few are described below. Collated Sets: The GEI 2900 can copy or print complete collated document sets. Sequentially ordered sets can also be rotated and delivered to either output tray in perfect collated order. Stamping: The GEI 2900 offers optional stamping possibilities.

Date, page number, and virtually any type of preset stored stamp can be placed in any position and orientation on the page. Positive/negative reverse, job preset and features such as overlay, erase, margin adjustment, and double copy make the GEI 2900 even more powerful and versatile.

GEI 2900 Ricoh Wide Format Printer    GEI 2900 Ricoh Wide Format Printer